Love, Juliebug: Motherhood is Tough

Motherhood is Tough

Seven years old, oh sorry - 7 and a half - and already I can see the conflicting emotions in her. Excited to grow older, to grow up-yet still she has a little girl's sorrow for having to leave me ever. It is never more apparent than at school drop off. She wants to stay with me and let me tell you, she has a mean pouty lip. There have been days that I see tears brimming in her eyes. Sigh. 

I'm not ready for the day when she springs out of the car without a second glance saying simply, "Bye mom!" You see, for now, I'm still Mommy. She gives me kisses and lots of hugs. I'm still asked to read bedtime stories to her although she could read them herself now. It warms my heart. I don't think I'll ever be ready for her to grow out of this age. And yet, grow she does. She is growing in so many ways - physically (she's about 52.75" tall people), spiritually (she's got a definite sense of right and wrong), and emotionally, but...she'll always be my baby. 

Motherhood is a tough thing sometimes. 

Our "job" is to prepare these little people for life. For LIFE. As in the rest of theirs. Don't think I don't feel overwhelmed at this task. (I am blessed that I'm not alone in this. We have my sweetie. Her Daddy. And, he is amazing with her.) But, still...there's a spot in a momma's heart that both cheers and cries at each new step toward independence.


Amazingly, even in all the uncertainty and "toughness" -  I wouldn't trade a minute. Why? Do you see that girl there? She's ours and I'm so proud to be her mom.

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Marthalynn said...

Amen, Mama! They grow up so fast, but they stay soft and tender for so long. I love that. She sounds like a gem of a girl!

Susan M. said...

I never had kids because I knew I would not be a good mom; I give all you mothers (and fathers) out there a lot of credit for raising children as it's so demanding (but rewarding)!

Samir Hmdme said...

your little daughter is so cute, god bless her! and i love your writing, it's so warm and close to the heart. Thank you

Sandra Watts said...

It is tough and does not get easier as they grow but it is so worth it!

sarah alexis said...

Such truth here! I also have a 7.5 year old! ...And he melts my heart. <3

Victoria S said...

She's adorable! It's crazy how many emotions are brought out in motherhood! Victoria Ess

Shirley Wood said...

Your daughter is precious. As a Mom to two daughter's I can agree. Mine are grown and I have a granddaughter who is 7 yrs. old. I don't know where the time gets off to but it does go by far to quickly!

jessica cyr said...

I am a mother of 2 and loved reading this , kids grow up so fast we need to love and be happy of every moment.

slehan said...

They grow up SO fast. Just enjoy every minute of it.

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