Stuff & Things: My Daily Routine

Today I saw a post over at my friend Rebeckann's Random Thoughts blog that I found interesting so I am borrowing it. She was talking about her daily routine. I never really thought about it before but I have a routine too. I'd bet that we all do! This week has been different. Why? Because Spring Break! Let's not talk about the fact that our Spring Break has been filled with 14 inches of snow and a sick child. Shh.

Stuff, Things, etc.

6:30 am - My alarm starts going off. Snooze. Snooze. Snooze.

7 am - I finally roll out of bed. My phone has run out of snooze. Oh, and Abby comes into our bedroom. Child in face makes me wake up quickly.

7:15 - 8:14 1/2 am - Get Abby ready for school. This means food, clothes, brushed teeth & hair, etc. It takes forever. FOR.EVER. Love that girl but she is exactly like me sometimes. lol

8:15 am - Walk out the door to bring her to 1st grade.

8:45 am - Return home to get myself ready for school. Secretly want to go back to bed. Must resist.

9 am - Pop a freezer/crockpot meal in for dinner.

9:40 am - Leave for school.

10 am - School begins. I probably have a test today.

12 pm - LUNCH TIME! Not sure why I was so excited to write this part. Maybe it's the break in my day?

3 pm - School gets out. Sometimes I stay at school to start my homework. It all depends on how much I have.

3:35 pm - Pick up Abby from school.

4:00 pm - Homework time (for both of us). She says "Haha!" when I tell her I have more homework than her. Heck, I would too.

5:30 pm - Dinner/Dishes. Well, maybe dishes.

6 pm - Watching TV with Tom and Abby or playing games.

7:30 pm - Abby's bedtime. She reads for a half-hour after. Don't tell her this means her bedtime is actually 8 am. Wait, she's realized this already. Dang.

7:45 pm - Homework/Spend time with hubby. Usually I spend time with hubby and then do homework later. Is that bad? Sorry - I love the guy and get very unmotivated to do school work though I DO do it.

10:30 pm - Bedtime...unless there is still more homework or studying to do. And believe me, there is.

11:30 pm - The time I usually am dragging myself into bed. *yawn*

E-mail, Facebook, Blogging....all that gets squeezed in somehow as well. School really puts a damper on my schedule, doesn't it? I suppose that is only normal but someday not too far away I will be working instead and it will not take up my nights so much.

How about you? Tell us about your daily routine!

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Becky Dougherty said...

Thanks for the shout out! You definitely have a busy day! Aren't crockpot meals great?! I find it so wonderful to come home to a dinner already made....