Trust In Yourself

If you've talked to me at any point during the last, oh, five weeks then you would know how stressed I've been. I had my first Anatomy and Physiology class which wrapped up today. So, obviously today was the comprehensive final. To say I was anxious would be an understatement.

Honestly, this whole class was hard for me. I studied. I did homework. I read. I still felt like the subject matter was always just slightly out of reach. But you know what? I plugged along and kept at it. I did. I studied more. I did my homework. I talked (or whined) to people and got advice on how to deal with it.

The final was 218 points and 30% of my grade. Kind of a big deal. So, I made a decision this morning. I decided to use pen on my test. That alone was stressful and it may sound silly. Why did I choose that? Well, you see, I have this little issue called self-doubt.

While using pencil, I've been known to question myself and change the right answer to the wrong answer. Self-doubt kicked me in the butt! With pen, I had to really think and commit to an answer. Now granted, I did change ONE question still but it worked out in my favor as I had the wrong answer and changed it to the right one.

When all is said and done I ended up with 213/218 points on the final, which is about a 98%, and I most definitely have an A in the class I was so worried about. Bottom line? I worry too much.

I guess I just need to keep working hard and trust in myself a bit more.

Do you have that issue too?

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Becky Dougherty said...

Way to nail that final test! I think that people in today's society give up too easily when things are hard for them. I love that you kept working and persevering. You've proved that hard work DOES pay off! :)