Moving Update

One week. Well, one week and a day. That's how long it took to be under contract. Joy! We were so excited. Two weeks and two days later, the buyers backed out. Back on the market, we went. As it happened, we were out of town when all that occurred. So, in addition to the awesome friends who had been watching our pets, we had other friends that saved us by taking our dog into their home so we could have showings right away.

Within two days of it being back on the market, we were under contract again. Now we are less than a week away from closing. I'm not going to lie, some days have been tough. Emotions are running high and crankiness abounds. Both me and my kiddo. Some moments there is nothing to do but rock in the rocking chair while holding a crying child. And, might I add, that is not as easy to do with an 8.5-year-old?

Finding a rental in Arizona was proving quite frustrating. Between the cost, the application fees, and the sheer volume of applicants, it was hard not to lose my cool. There have been many days where I almost had a meltdown. But, I've been praying and not in the "God please give me my way" sort of prayer. But I'll talk about that another time. The bottom line? God provided a rental. A townhome. One week away from moving. That seems to be how He works. In His time.

Have I said I will miss Wyoming? I will miss it so very much. Not just for the beautiful open space, the small town, the trees, the weather but also for the amazing friendships that have been forged here. I feel so blessed to be this conflicted to leave.

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