The One Where I Talk About The Move and An Explosion.

Moves are never easy. Saying goodbye is difficult, sure. But, there are also the things you don't think about. The million little tiny details of moving. Switching addresses over. Setting up services. Deposits. I'm not even going to talk about boxes or unpacking them. We're not to that point anyway.

In fact, we move into our rental tomorrow. God provided said rental one week and one day before we actually moved. I'm writing this here so I can remember his faithfulness. It's a townhome apartment and while I am extremely grateful for it, I'm also nervous. We haven't lived in an apartment setting in, oh I don't know, 17 years? I could be wrong but it seems like an accurate number. 

I'll be glad to have the actual moving part done. This living out of suitcases is getting old. [I don't want to sound like I'm grumbling. Honestly, that is something I am working on and for me, it is a real struggle. It's so very easy to find things to worry about or complain about. I want to put effort into finding the joy, the beauty in each day.]

The move was not uneventful but I can truly see how God protected us. First of all, the drive down to his sister's house was horrendous. We had the trifecta of bad driving situations [for me anyway] and it really tested me. Snow, Dark, Trailer. I had never done well with the first two and the last was a new experience. It wasn't even just snow. It was ice and the wind as well. I think if I hadn't had my love encouraging me in my Bluetooth I would have lost my mind a couple of times. We made it down safely though I'm not sure how and we were thankful for that.

We planned on leaving the next morning for Arizona. Nope. The weather made sure of that. I'm glad to say we made the best of that situation. It was nice to spend a day with his sister and her hubby. We even went to the movies [Smurfs: The Lost Village]. We ended up leaving sometime the next afternoon and thankfully the weather was fine from that point. 

It took nine years to get here. Okay, it didn't even take nine days but my point is that it seemed to take forever. We pulled up in front of my mom's house and [dun dun dun] the cargo trailer's tire exploded. I kid you not. Apparently, the brakes had locked up and caused overheating, flames, and the subsequent explosion of said tire. There was a gigantic boom and looking back we were all amazed that it happened right at the end of our trip. Another 'thank you God' moment. 

Now if I could just invent the unpacking machine that would be great. Wishful thinking, I know.

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