Car Seat Safety

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Did you know that, when installed and used correctly, child safety seats decrease the risk of a fatal injury by 71 percent among infants, 54 percent among toddlers and 45 percent among children ages 4 to 8? Those are amazing statistics and beg the question, are your kiddos buckled in as safely as they could be? There have been times when I really struggled getting our daughters car seat in. I would have been so thankful to have a resource like when she was smaller. does car seat checks on various different vehicles and shares their reviews on their site. They also talk about the latch system. It became standard in 2002 and I love how it helps parents make sure their car seats are not budging. Parents should also remember that they can use the Latch system or a seat belt to install a car seat, and that Latch anchors have a weight limit of 65 pounds, including the weight of the child and the weight of the seat itself.

I'm so thankful for the plethora of information at our fingertips now. I mean, honestly, parenthood can be stressful enough. Who needs to worry that their children's car seats aren't secure enough.

Quick Tips for Parents

Car seats can be confusing, so start by reading your manuals. When you get a new car seat, make sure to read its manual as well as the section on car seats in your car's owner's manual.

Next, register your car seat. This allows the car-seat maker to alert you when there's a recall.

Finally, ask for help. If you're at all unsure whether you've installed your child's car seat correctly, schedule a car seat check in your area.

The good news is most Fire Stations are part of the free car seat checks!

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