From Desert Winters to Real Winters

Being that we will be up in the frozen winter land soon (think the end of this month people!) I decided it is time for winter clothes. Yeah, this Arizona native (well, practically anyway) has no real clue on what to do to stay warm. Most of my life has revolved around trying to stay cool. To say our world will be flipped upside down is an understatement I think.
I keep hearing layer, layer, layer. Great idea. My question? What does that look like? Should I buy long underwear and sweaters? I am trying for maximum warmth and affordability with a touch of style.
It is 13 degrees there right now. Thirteen degrees and it feels like -2. Is there a difference really? I suppose I will find out.
So, any suggestions from you non-desert dwellers on how to go about this new wardrobe for me and our daughter?


Kris said...

Hey, Julie - I'm not sure what size you wear, but I might have a couple of sweaters to send you. When you get a second, just shoot me a quick e-mail & I'll send you the sizes I have; and whether you'd want them sent to AZ or your new address.


LeeBird said...

Thin, insulated long underwear would be a good investment because you know the babe will want to be out in the snow if there is any.

To me, layers would be a long-sleeve knit top with a sweater over it and then an overcoat that can be pulled on and off easily.

Ami said...

I have a hard time finding long sleeve shirts in my size that I can actually afford, so I invested in a sweater for inside. I live in my sweater since most of what I have is short sleeved.

Remember puffy coats in the car for Abby are a no-no, I try to find a warm hoodie or fleece jacket, then cover them up with their winter coats, if we have a long walk from the car to the indoors I then put the coat on them when we get there. Then off again when they get back in the car.