So Far In Wyoming.

This move has been interesting. I’m not sure what to say so far but that I like it here. Sure, I wish all my friends and family could have been packed in boxes too but since that isn’t possible I am choosing joy instead. I could tell you a ton of things about Wyoming so far. I’ll start with 5. Five things about life up here.
  • It’s cold. COLD. For an Arizona girl it’s cold. For a penguin, it’s cold. Haha. No, I get it. It could be worse but I am here wondering when my toes will thaw and do I have to throw my flip flops away?
  • The speed limit is slow most of the time. Think Sunday afternoon drive. Chilling out with the fam in the seat next to you. Think “Be careful because there is ice” (there’s not right now but the speed limit makes me feel like I’m being cautious.)
  • It’s flat. Yeah, there are some hills but all in all, it’s flat. I have never, ever been able to see so far from one spot.
  • People talk to you. When you are sitting at a park, it’s amazing, there are these things called conversations that strangers have with you. It’s crazy.
  • No drive thru Starbucks. I have been spoiled. Here you have to, you know, go IN.
Though some of these make it sound like I am complaining, I am not. Truly. It’s just going to take some adjustment. So far I think I am falling in love with this town.

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Kris said...

Pshaw. You can keep your hoity toity Starbucks. Here, we have gas station cappuccino, and we LIKE it! :D

Also, I think the conversation thing is cool. It's one of my favorite things about small town America (and why I could never, ever live in a big city). We actually give a shit about our neighbors, you know?!?