Life in Wyoming

I'm sure many of you are wondering how life is going in Wyoming. It has, after all, been about 6 weeks since we moved. How is THAT possible by the way? The short answer? Good. Want me to elaborate? Yeah, I thought so.
It's different here. Duh. Moving from the desert to the plains will obviously be a bit of a change.
Yes it is colder, also a given. Also, it is calmer. Slower. More peaceful. Smaller yet bigger. There are less people and way more space. I mean look at this.

and this...

and this is the view from our church's parking lot.

There are lots of parks. Trees. One way streets (in downtown anyway). One Walmart. One Target. No Walgreens on every corner though we do have a couple. There are boots at various spots around town. Boots. I do not lie. Oh and ignore the construction cone on the other side of the boot. I didn't notice it when I snapped this extremely touristy type photo. ;)

It is windier here and the weather has a mind of it's own. The other day it was 77 and a few days later it was 37 or so. Craaazy stuff. The people are pretty friendly. A lot of the churches are more old fashioned. Not a big deal but we were not looking for that dynamic.

Anyway, so that's a little bit about life in Wyoming. More to come soon, I promise!

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