NYC Trip

In my journal I wrote a little, or a lot, each day we were gone so I thought I'd share my thoughts (and photos) with you!

Sunday May 13, 2012

Here we are on a plane to New York City. This is real. I won a trip from Fox Broadcasting Company as part of their All-Star Party sweepstakes. I always wondered who wins these sort of prizes out of probably a million people. Now I have the answer – anyone. If I can win then surely anyone can hope to as well. We have a wonderful adventure in store and I can’t wait! I do miss Tom and Abby already but what a Mother’s Day present. I will be writing in here as much as possible in the hopes that I don’t forget a second of this amazing blessing.

Monday May 14, 2012 (technically since it’s around 2 am)

We got into New York shortly after 2 pm and we were at the Hilton Mid-town in about an hour and a half. No issues with the sedan driver or hotel check-in. We are on the 30th floor and it’s such an awesome view from up here. Very nice rooms in my opinion.

We did a whole bunch of walking. Think 7 miles total. Yes, seriously give or take a mile. We went to get something to eat (ended up having yummy sandwiches somewhere) and ended up walking all over part of Central Park, up and down the streets. We walked to Times Square tonight then from there to the Empire State Building and back. We tried to figure out the Subways but ended up being on the wrong side of the street or something. When we asked a policeman he seemed quite shocked that we had walked all the way here. I think he said it was about 24 blocks from our hotel. No wonder our dogs were barking. Well, at least mine were!
We also had a 2 am snack from the Halal cart on the street outside. Chicken on rice and it was so yummy! lol

4 pm
We stayed relatively close to the hotel today to try and give our feet a break. Plus, we knew we needed to be ready shortly after 5 pm for the All-Star (Upfront) party. So, we walked to a pizza place called Pizzarte. Thankfully even though we didn’t have reservations they fit us in. It amazes me how compact some of these places are. There barely seems room to walk sometimes. Stephanie got the Quattro Formaggio pizza (it had gorgonzola on it too) and I got the one with buffalo mozzarella, basil, and tomatoes. We also had a glass of wine each. She got a Cabernet (which I loved and I usually don’t like reds) and I got a Moscato. It had to be the best wine I’ve had in a long time. So sweet and yummy!

After lunch we went to a nail salon called Diva Nails (I think) and got manicures. I got a French mani and Steph had her nails done in this pretty red shade. Then, we came back to the hotel to rest and get ready.

10:22 pm
We just got back from the party. First we were on the red carpet (which is a figure of speech since it was black lol) area where we met tons of people. Here’s a partial list;

 Joshua Jackson

Naya Riviera

Chris Colfer

Cory Monteith

Darren Criss

I actually chatted with Darren Criss for a few minutes as he was hanging around our vicinity. I asked him “So, how fun is it to work on Glee?” (of all the questions I could have asked, really?!) He said that it is great to be a working actor right now but that it is very fun to work on Glee.

David Boreanaz

Gordon Ramsey

Randy Jackson

Ryan Seacrest

Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest chatted with us for a sec asking us where we were from. When I told him Wyoming Randy said “Wyoming?! Does anybody actually live there?” while laughing and I told him apparently so. ;)

Jenna Ushkowitz

Zooey Deschannel

Zooey was just as fun and lively as I thought she would be. Matt (our Fox escort for the evening) took our picture with her (as he did for all the others as well). The lighting was funky originally and so she made him delete it. She went on about how we didn’t want a bad lighting picture our first time on the red carpet and kept double checking that he did indeed delete the first one. Lol

Scott Foley

We met Scott Foley who was extremely down to earth. He kept saying “How cool is this? Are you excited? I am! Look at all these celebrities!” LOL

I also got interviewed by Fox News in NY. They asked me some basic questions on camera and I hope to God that I don’t sound ridiculous! lol

There was some yummy food at the party cooked by the Masterchefs including Gordon Ramsey. I ate Salmon and Veal and loved it. I told Stephanie that I probably wouldn’t get the chance to have food cooked by them again so I wanted to try it. Guess food really is better with an awesome chef.
In the party tent was jam packed probably because it did start raining. There were so many people it got hot at times and you couldn’t walk straight lines. There was a DJ playing fun dance music and then later a sort of 70’s style cover band played. They were good and the dance floor was packed.

Tuesday May 15, 2012

One thing is that we have been staying awake until about midnight – 2 am. NY is two hours ahead of Cheyenne so then we sleep until 10-11 am. It’s crazy. We are supposed to go downtown today to see the 911 Memorial, Battery Park, the Brooklyn Bridge, and of course the Statue of Liberty.

10:45 pm

Today has been a busy and wet day. The heavens opened up and rained on us for most of the morning. We walked down to Times Square again, ate lunch at Sbarro’s because we were starving, and boarded our first Subway to Rector Street.

From there we walked to the 911 Memorial. Something about being there in person, seeing the north and south pools, seeing the other buildings and knowing they were once shadowed by the twins towers, takes your breath away. It rained the whole time we were there but it seemed fitting somehow. It’s hard to believe it’s been over 10 years since so many lives were lost. It was touching to see all the names engraved in the stone and every once in a while you would see a little red flower next to a name. I couldn’t help but to pray for the family and friends of those lost, even now. I can’t imagine what that must be like.

Then, we walked to Battery Park which was about 10-15 minutes away, in the rain of course. Last minute we decided to board a ferry to Liberty Island. The statue of liberty was stunning in person. I only wish we could have gone inside. They are doing renovations right now though. Thankfully just before we boarded the ferry it stopped raining. We walked from there to South Street and caught the Subway up to 50th. When we got off we walked 3 blocks in the wrong direction before Stephanie realized this mistake. Lol Oh well. Soaking wet (well, me anyway) we went back to the hotel to chill and change.

After we decided to walk to Rockafeller Center. We took pics of course, walked through Times Square yet again and up to Carnegie Deli. We had the Corned Beef Reuben and split it. YUM! It was amazingly yummy but I could barely finish my half. There was literally a pound of meat on our sandwich. Such huge sandwiches and they only accept cash. Weird. To give you an idea, the sandwich alone was $24.95 plus $3 for sharing it. Also, there were no free refills on drinks. Lol It was extremely delish though and definitely beat the Sbarro’s we ate earlier.

Wednesday May 16, 2012
Time to get ready to leave NYC. It was bittersweet. We packed our stuff and checked out of the hotel about noon. They, thankfully, held our bags as our driver wasn’t due until about 3:45. We walked over to Hell’s Kitchen area and looked around. We tried to figure out what to eat as our last meal in NY and settled on Yum Yum Bankok which was Thai food. I liked it but think Steph was only so-so about it. I had never had Thai food before and ended up getting the Chicken with peanut sauce.

Then, believe it or not, we walked down and around through Times Square again! Then back up to our hotel to wait for the driver.
It has been an amazing, unforgettable trip!


Unknown said...

I loved looking t all the fun photos on your FB. It's so awesome tat you had this super cool trip. wow what a chance of a lifetime. :)

Bev Sykes said...

So excited for you. What a wonderful experience you had!

Shelby said...

Julie - how so very neat for you! You should have told me you were coming. I would have taken the train up to meet you for lunch or something. WE could have met finally face to face after all t here years! Anyway, looks like you had an awesome time - wonderful for you! -Shelby