The Unspoken Affliction: Anxiety

What do YOU have to be anxious about? I often feel that people are thinking this when I mention I have anxiety issues. The short answer. Nothing. The long answer is much more complex.

What amazes me about anxiety is that I never knew how many people are affected by it until I started talking to people about my own problem with it. I have always had a touch of anxiety (or a bit more in hindsight). I am a worrier. That is what I thought but it's more than that. I had my first (and only major) panic attack last July. I had no idea what was going on. Seriously, I thought I was dying. My heart was racing. I couldn't catch my breath. I kept drinking water and heaving. I was dizzy. It was horrible. I made my hubby take me to an urgent care while we were on our way home from vacation. The urgent care told me that everything looked fine medically and suggested I was having an anxiety attack. I thought they were crazy. Then, I thought I was crazy.

I happened to mention I had an overload of caffeine that week. And, by overload I mean 5-6 Coke's a day each day with nothing else to drink except the occasional coffee. Yeah. Apparently, a lot of caffeine isn't good for you. Who knew? I cut out all caffeine, except chocolate I mean a girl has to live, since then and even some de-caffeinated stuff still bothers me. If I eat a lot of chocolate it bothers me. I have occasional bouts of anxiety for no apparent reason but I have found that two things help, no make that three. Vanilla Sleepytime tea or any Sleepytime tea, Lavendar or Peace & Calming oil, and Prayer.
Getting out and walking helps sometimes. Other times it seems to make things worse.

My hope by sharing this? Well, obviously I would love to give you ideas to help your own anxiety, if you have any. But, the bigger picture is that I want to let you know you are NOT alone in this. If you want to chit chat please email me or comment here. It feels like it's hard to talk about anxiety, I know, but it can help.

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Holly @ Cat Hair and Glitter said...

Thanks for this. I have bouts with anxiety. I also have a serious addiction to Dr Pepper. Maybe I need to cut back and see what happens with the anxiety issues.