Mommy Mondays: Bad Days

Mommy Mondays

There are moments of motherhood that I feel like running away. If you are a Mom I'm sure you've been there too. But, these moments are overshadowed by the other moments. The moments where I cannot imagine being anywhere else. Often, they are at the beginning or end of the day. Those slow, lazy moments where my big four year old will still cuddle with me. Those times when she comes up, kisses me, and says that she loves me. Seeing her snuggle with Daddy. Or, saying something that makes me truly know what we say is sinking in on some level. It reminds me of the saying I read once...

It's natural to have bad Mommy days. It is. Just get back up, dust yourself off, and begin again. Remember that your children are gifts from God even when you want to return them. ;)

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