Mommy Mondays: Live in the Moment

So, last week I talked about how we should stop trying to be Super Mom. And this week I am taking a lead from that. I said to "Remember that you are the only Mom your kids will ever have. Enjoy each moment and stop stressing over the next one." Today I am talking about time. 

It passes quickly.

Are you surprised? I think not. But, when you become a parent there is an odd paradox of time. You can, all at once, feel that time is passing so SLOWLY and so quickly.

Example #1: Our daughter threw a fit the other day over not being able to have a snack. She asked for food approximately 1,268,364 times in the span of an hour. Time passed extremely slowly. Would she EVER stop asking for food? I mean, seriously. Later that day, we brought her to school to register her for Kindergarten. What?! How can she be old enough for school? She was just our little teeny 6 pound 7 ounce baby girl the other day. Time passed so fast.

How does it do that? I mean, a day can drag on forever and the months & years fly by. It is craziness. It reminds me of this:


I try to live in the moment. Let her kiss & hug me & play while she is still willing. Some day she will not reach for my hand so quickly. She will call her friends on the phone instead of calling my name. This makes me sad. I want these moments to last. So, next time I wish for time to go faster while she is throwing a fit...I will take it back and hug her a little tighter.

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Rachel said...

Oh gosh this is so true! The parent time paradox! Each moment is so slow but then BOOM its a month later and you can't believe it! And wow- kindergarten registration! I can't imagine- I guess we'll be there in 4 years!!

the girl in the red shoes said...

So true! We need to live in the moment and cherish every bit of it!

Unknown said...

I have this same quote on one of my blog post...just love reading it from time to time!

applesandglue said...

Oh very true, that's such a true and sweet quote I imagine. :)

*stopping by from the can't google everything hop!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the reminder! Those temper tantrums are no fun right now! Thanks for linking up to mommy mondays!

rhansen76 said...

Julie - thank you for this post. It helps me remember the things that are most important. We all lose track of time and I sometimes I wish I could freeze it. Thanks for liking up to mommy mondays!

Unknown said...

Great post. Found your site on
Thanks for letting me "swing by"!

Jackie said...

So true! The 4 months my daughter spent in the NICU were the slowest months of my life. And I wanted nothing more than to fast forward to the day she could come home. Now she's almost 19 months old and I feel like the past year has flashed by in the blink of an eye. I am trying so hard to embrace every day, even those tough toddler meltdowns.

Jessica @ The Wondering Brain said...

Thank you for the reminder! Kids grow up so quickly! I have a 2 year old and a 19 year old. I have 2 extremes and I am truly trying to savor the moment.

The Wondering Brain