Mommy Mondays: Super Mom

So since I failed last week on getting my post up in time I wanted to be sure to do it this week. 
Today I wanted to talk about perfectionism. Big word. Big problem. Well, for me. Am I alone in this?

As a Mom we all want to do what's best for our children. We want to make sure they are safe, happy, and thriving. But there is this force out there. An unseen, but often spoken force, that we must be the perfect parent. Folks, it doesn't exist. Yes, we can always improve. I admit I pray every day to be the kind of Mom I need to be for my daughter. But this need to be the be all, end all Super Mom, isn't possible. It isn't healthy.

If you are anything like me (and most mom's) you will question everything you do. Why? Because there is no one way to do everything. Your child is unique as are you. What works for me will not work for my neighbor or even my twin sister. You know, assuming I had one.

So, how do you stop trying to be Super Mom? Here are some of my thoughts.

  • There are so many decisions to make as a Mom. The majority of them will not matter in 20 years. That's just a fact. So don't obsess over them. Make the best choice you can and move on. Easier said than done. 
  • Don't compare yourself with other Moms. It's like comparing apples to oranges really. Like one of my favorite quotes says "Don't compare your worst days with someone else's best." 
  • Kids will only be little once. Pick classes or activities for children sparingly. If you feel the need to have them involved in a lot of different things just make sure they have time to play on their own and just be kids too. 
  • Remember that you are the only Mom your kids will ever have. Enjoy each moment and stop stressing over the next one.
I hope these words encourage you. Let's retire those capes regardless of how pretty they are.

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Rachel said...

Great post and great tips Julie! You are so right, it's easy to obsess over things but good to remember so many of these small decisions won't matter in the long run!

Anonymous said...

and once the kids have grown and gone, and they do things that you are not totally on-board with - you will still worry and fret and blame yourself. Motherhood - it's the shitz!

Found you on the Monday blog hop and thought I would stop by and say HI.

ellie @ creative geekery blog said...

Julie, You are such a love. What a FANtastic post. Thank you so much for this and for linking it up at Creative Geekery's THE Pin It Party! Hope you can make it back next week and share more of your fab blog! XO, ellie

p.s. Are you on Twitter? Would love to give you a shout out!

KT @ OneOrganicMama said...

This was GREAT!! Thanks for linking up at THE Pin it Party :) Hope to see you there again next week!