Sugar Scrubs and Sudzy Fun Giveaway

These sound like amazingly luxurious products. I love taking baths with fun products like these.

ActzStore has some great products such as soaps, scrubs, body and hair products, masks, washes, lotions and more.  

ActzStore uses only the finest products available on the market today. All raw materials are purchased at Fair Trade. They have 4 cosmetic makers on staff, which 2 of them take special care of the Vegan Line. The Vegan Safe Soaps, Scrubs, Lotions, Masks, and more are all done in their own separate tools. Including but not limited to melting, mixing, stirring, packaging, and pouring. We truly understand the importance of being Vegan and we honor and respect the Vegan Lifestyle.

The Founder of ACTZ Cosmetics found her passion for soap when she was only 9 years old. Her mother, ACTZ Cosmetics Master Soap Maker was a Candle Maker; showed her to make her first soap and candle at this young age and it was an instant love affair. Her mother was born with severe eczema under eyes. She had under gone a rare radiation treatment that tragically left her with little to no eyelashes and eyebrows. As a daughter, seeing your mother in pain is terrifying and heartbreaking. She wished nothing more than to give back to her mother, to find something anything to help, to soothe, and to make her feel better. Then the Founder gave birth to her first and only Daughter, and she was born with eczema. Now she is giving as a Mother & Daughter products that will not further irritate their eczema, and give comfort when it is needed most.</ span>
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This is the Pineapple Candy cupcake.  It definitely smells good enough to eat.  My daughter immediately scoffed up this cupcake and put it to good use in the bathtub.  Anything that makes her welcome a bath is fine by me.  And it definitely smells like a nice fresh pineapple.  The consistency is very smooth and luxurious.  I have no doubt she felt like a queen using it.  She has placed it off limits to anyone else in the house.  </ span>

This is a Body Shot sugar scrub.  It is a tiny little tub of sugar scrub specifically designed for traveling or being on the go.  Great for the gym.  Now this was my favorite.  So sweet smelling and smooth - now I feel like a queen!

This one is Tangerine Calandula Face Wash and Nude Face Polish.  The Nude Face Polish is a nice gentle scrub for my face.  You mix the crystals with a little water then rub onto face - using 2 to 3 times per week.  I received a small amount so I couldn't use it 2 to 3 times per week but it definitely left my face feeling refreshed and clean when I did use it.  The Tangerine Calandula Face Wash was probably my favorite product.  First of all I love the colors orange and tangerine but it isn't just about the colors. I love the scent and this did not disappoint.  

I can already see a bunch of little girls having a great party with all the assorted soaps.  Personally I think the ice cream cone is so cool.  Who wouldn't want to wash with that?  I love the fact that they are natural and safe while also having fruit filled scents.  Perfect in my "book".

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ActzStore has offered to giveaway One Cocoa Butter Fruit Bar Pack.


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