Be a Bright Spot

Recently, a friend told me her and her husband were eating in a restaurant with their little boy. Their son who just turned two was being somewhat loud saying hi over and over again to a gentleman next to them. They apologized for his loudness and tried to distract their son from bothering the man. After awhile the man left and my friend's waitress came over. She let them know that the man had paid their entire bill.
Sometimes, kids know exactly what to say to make someone's day.
Sometimes, people do things, good things, that shock us.
Sometimes God let's a bright spot shine in our day to remind us that He is there and He loves us.

It's my opinion that it is our responsibility to let that bright spot shine through us for other people.

I'm participating in Story of my Life's Blog everyday in May challenge! Prompt: Day 8, Wednesday: A piece of advice you have for others. Anything at all.

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