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One of the first brands I heard of when it came to Greek Yogurt was Chobani!  I have to say I am a real dairy snob and apparently Chobani is too!  I will only eat yogurt that is thick and creamy.  Chobani, besides only having natural ingredients, has two times the protein compared to regular yogurt.  And their authentic straining process creates a rich and creamy yogurt.  Needless to say, Chobani is right up  my alley!  I recently had the opportunity to review some of their delicious flavors!

Chobani Yogurt:

  • Contains no dairy treated with rBST
  • Contains live & active cultures and 3 probiotics
  • Has 13-18g of protein per 6oz cup
  • Has no artificial sweeteners or preservatives
  • Has only natural ingredients
  • is Gluten-Free
  • Uses real fruit
  • No animal based thickeners

Chobani is good for so much more than just a pre or post workout treat, snack or breakfast!  I buy the plain yogurt in the 32oz container.  I love to use my "Cho" to replace milk or water in recipes, to replace sour cream when I eat tacos or chili, or as a replacement to mayonnaise in salads.  Oh and one of my favorite ways to use my Cho??  In smoothies!!!

A delicious smoothie with Greek yogurt! 
Or how about as a substitute to ice cream??  I made some delicious baked peaches with rolled oats on top, a dollop of Cho and a dash of cinnamon!  Yum!

My daughter LOVED her peach Cho!  I portioned out the 6oz into a smaller bowl for her, but she could probably eat the whole thing.  Check out the recipes that Chobani has to offer!

Looking to save a bit on your next Chobani purchase?  Here are some high-value coupons!  Or you could enter to win a WHOLE CASE of CHO!  The super generous people have offered to send 1 lucky reader, 18+ and in the US a case of assorted Chobani right to their door step!  All you have to do to enter is follow the steps on the Rafflecopter below!

Good luck!

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