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This week's question is: 
Reader's Digest use to run an article about who the most memorable character is in your life. So my questions is "Who is your most unforgettable character and why?"

There are so many people in my life that fit the bill for this question. Everyone of my friends is unforgettable. But, the most unforgettable character in my life would have to be Betty.

I worked with Betty for many years. I was her Bus Monitor and she was my Driver. Let me just say, the kids - and everyone - adore this lady. Can you see why?

But, these crazy costumes are not the only thing about her that is special. She has a heart of gold.
Solid gold.

In her life, she has been through so much and she has never let it change her.

She's such a special, wacky person in the best way possible. And, she tends to rub off on you when you least expect it.

Yes, that is me. Dressed as a bunny. I claim temporary insanity. ;)
I will never, ever forget this woman.
She is my favorite character ever.

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Anonymous said...

Cute follower

Unknown said...

What a great way to start the day! I am a teacher and I know the students would adore her! Betty set the tone for the day for her kids. She is awesome!

Lauren Elliott said...

certainly a character with those silly pictures! thanks for sharing!