Frozen Lemonade Pie

Have you ever heard of frozen lemonade pie? I hadn't until recently. Ever since I had my first bite I have been semi-obsessed with the stuff. It's really simple and healthy not too bad for you if you only have it occasionally. ;)


I had it first at a Girl's Game Night. I would have begged for the recipe but thankfully she gave it up with little  begging. So, here it is!

8 oz partially thawed frozen lemonade
1 pint vanilla ice cream
8 oz cool whip
Graham cracker crust
Mix the frozen lemonade and the pint of ice cream together in a bowl. Fold in the cool whip. Pour it into the crust and freeze.

That is it! How much easier can you get? It is refreshing and surprisingly light. Since getting this recipe I have seen it everywhere but it is usually made with condensed milk. I like the vanilla ice cream as it adds something special.

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