Today's blog prompt is: Things that make you uncomfortable.

This should be easy enough to write about. Maybe not easy to choose a specific thing because I am an introvert and a lot of things make me uncomfortable. For the sake of this post I will just pick one, lest you be here all day.

Hello, my name is Julie and I am uncomfortable eating in public. I do it, obviously, but it makes me wince inside. I assume this is due to my weight. Being overweight I feel a tad paranoid that people are watching every bite I take. It doesn't matter if it's a salad or a burger. Are people judging me for what I am eating? Probably not and yet it is something that pops in my head.

The thing is...it shouldn't matter to me even if they were thinking something along the lines of "She could benefit from skipping meals." (Which as a side note, NO ONE would benefit from that.)
Other people's opinions should not get that sort of reaction from me. I am not less than anyone else because of my weight.

So, yeah, there is my confession for the day. Anyone else ever dealt with this one?

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