Fat Shaming

I recently saw something on Facebook that made me come unglued. It was a photo taken by nutritionist and fitness spokesperson Marc Wurman. It's a picture a random picture of an overweight woman in public. Now, I've never heard of him personally and now I am glad. It reminded me of that stupid site peopleofwalmart.com which irks me to no end.

Let me tell you something. This woman, whoever she is, knows she is overweight. I know I am as well. I'm pretty darn sure that no overweight person is blind to that fact. What good does it do someone to make them feel like crap about their weight? NOTHING. I mean, we are supposed to all be concerned about bullying. Right? I have another kind of bullying right here. Fat Shaming. It is not okay. Your weight is no one else's business. Period. There are jerks everywhere thinking they have the right to voice their opinion about someone else's body. Yes, you have that right but to use it to make someone feel bad makes you a complete A-hole. 

I am sick of so many people treating fat people like lazy, no-good, losers. Who are they anyway? I am bombarded with images of "beautiful" thin people all day long. Marketing trying to sell their view of sexy. I'll let you in on a secret...any women can be sexy. ANY size. Thin is not the only beautiful. All women are beautiful in their own way.

The end.

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