Sugar Overload = Anxiety

Yesterday was a bad eating day. I say bad I mean sugar overload. I drank a few sodas, had a bunch of fruit, and more. I went to a girl's game night at a friend's house and it hit me. Anxiety. It was not emotion based anxiety. No, this was a result of the sugar. I felt my throat tightening and just felt very anxious in general. One of my friend's noticed that something was off about me despite me trying to act normal.

In situations like this I have learned to take deep breaths, drink water slowly, and most of all - pray.
I tried to also take my mind off of my thoughts. The more I think about what I am experiencing, the worse it gets.

About half way through the night it eased up. I didn't have anything else to eat or drink except water so that probably helped a bit. I will definitely think twice before overloading with sugar again. As in, I will not do it!

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