Summer Is Here!

It is finally feeling like we are out of winter here! Hard to believe that 5/1 we had mounds and mounds of snow. Yesterday we were actually at 92 degrees! I love that it's warmer now but I have to say...I'm hot! I never thought I would say that considering we moved here from Arizona but it's true. Now, while the temps don't get close to 115 or even 105, I understand it's not as hot per se. But, you have to consider a couple of things.

  • Most of the houses here (including ours) do not have air conditioning. In AZ, we continually went from a/c cooled house to a/c cooled store or such. Here you just have to suffer at home or go to some store or indoor place.
  • There are very few pools or splash pads here. In AZ, they are everywhere! You have multiple opportunities to get wet and cool down. Here you just have to take a bath or buy a kiddie pool. Ahem, note that if you are an adult you will get funny looks for sitting in a kiddie pool. Let them roll off your back is what I say. lol

So, yeah. It is only June 12th and I imagine it gets hotter. I can't remember last summer. I think the cold, windy winter has wiped my memory.

How is the weather where you are?
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Becky Dougherty said...

Our summer weather in PA has been pretty comfortable so far. It will get hotter, though, I'm sure!