5 on Friday

This is the first time I've linked up for Five on Friday. It is a simple, good idea. Write about five things; things you are loving, things that are on your mind. Now onto my five.

1. I still love Chevron patterns. Are they still in? It doesn't matter because they are too cute.

2. Abby is very sad that VBS is ending today. Good thing we are going to another church for more VBS fun next week!

3. I am super excited about all the items I have received or will be receiving for product reviews on here!

4. Is it slightly weird that I am going on a MOPS Steering Committee date night tonight without my husband?

5. I absolutely love the combo of lavender oil and coconut oil to calm my kiddo down.


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Carrie said...

I def. think chevron is still in, I see it everywhere! I would love to do product reviews, so jealous! :) Have a good weekend!