I cut my hairs

I have to admit something to you. It's been 5 months since I last got my hair cut. I'll wait while you come to. I just haven't done it and it needed to be done. For sure. My hair had gotten so uneven and just...bad.
Normally, I just get it evened up with a trim. This time I decided to do something different. I had a moment so I sat down and looked at the books. You know what books I am talking about. The books of hair dreams. The beautiful pictures of haircuts you hope to have but that your cut will never quite live up to.
That being said, I went for it. I was still a bit cautious. Btw, the two cuts I picked out were the SAME cut and I didn't realize it. I didn't cut it quite as short as the ones in the book. But, I cannot put my hair in a ponytail anymore if that helps. Actually, let me show you a pic.

Pretty cute, right? Can you see the length in the back? It's shorter in the back and angles slightly out to the front. It's supposed to be shorter back there. That is how I was still cautious. I really like it, more so if I straighten my hair like in the photo. I have naturally curly hair and that look is a bit harder to wrap my mind around. I'm not sure how much hair I had cut off. I know the back of my hair was below my shoulders before hand.

What is the most drastic hair decision you have made?


Kris said...

I like it - you look sassy!

My drastic hair moment came while cutting my hair from the middle of my shoulder blades to short like Meg Ryan in French Kiss. It was a shocker, but I loved it then & still love having short hair now, 12 years later. :)

*Christa* said...

Looks so cute! I have you beat though..my last hair cut was right after Brenna was born...so two years ago..I need one lol. I really like your cut though!