Riffsy Site Review

The site is Riffsy, a new social sharing site with a Pinterest-type feel. And, I'm sure you know by now, I LOVE Pinterest, so of course I was excited to try Riffsy out and see how it worked!

Riffsy contains short video loops, or riffs, that capture the best moment in a video, chosen by YOU. The kind of gifs range from DIY, to food, to comedy and more.

As a blogger, I think it's a fun addition to my blog. Who doesn't love short video loops with fun content?
Here is one I made starring the guys from SortedFood. 

If you’d like to try out Riffsy, and you WILL want to, follow the steps below!

1- Create an account.

2- Once done, you can either check out the Riffs already on Riffsy or you can upload your own.

3- If you choose to upload your own, you can do so in three different ways. You can make a gif from a YouTube video, from somewhere else on the web or by directly uploading one on your own. I used a YouTube video link. So easy!

4- Then you can decide what portion of the video you want to use as the Riff and select the length you want it to be by adjusting the blue slider. You can also add a short bit of wording that will appear on the Riff. Make it something that will catch the eye.

5- Save the Riff.

6- Write a short description of the video the Riff is pulled from.

7- Add a tag and the category it belongs in on the site. Viola!

Once you’re on Riffsy, feel free to stop by my profile!

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