#Sponsored - PowerMyLearning

#Sponsored PowerMyLearning is such an awesome site. It is a great resource for parents. As we all know, Summer is in full swing! Relaxing and enjoying the nice weather is great for kids, however, children who don’t engage in educational activities over the summer stand to lose an average of 2.6 months of academic growth – This is called Summer Slide.

Luckily, preventing Summer Slide is now fun for your little one with PowerMyLearning. http://powermylearning.org/ is a free website with everything your K-2nd grader needs to get ahead for the upcoming school year! The site provides educational online games that incorporate things your child already loves such as trains, animals and even fashion.

My daughter and I played some of the myriad of Math games on the site. I love that there are so many different games listed. You can pick from different areas of math such as counting or geometry. According to my daughter "It's fun!" And, she will be able to play them for years to come seeing as there are different grade levels as well. Here are some pics of it in action.

It was amazing to see her doing these games. I had no idea she would be able to graph or count to this extent. She was so proud of herself as well as having fun "playing" around with all the games.

I don't know what more you could want in a site! We had a blast and it's clear that she was learning. We will definitely keep using it!

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