This is me.

Yes. I hate bugs. Spiders. Flies. Beetles. I'm sorry, I hate you. 
Even ladybugs, who are adorable in books, I don't want you crawling on me or in my house.
That being said, I cannot kill them. 
In the last few days I have been finding various bugs and have faced a dilemma.

Wait for the husband to come home and try not to live in that room at all...ahem.. or, try to get rid of it myself. Sadly, yes that is a choice I make. So, I picked take care of it myself. This time that is.
Now, kill it or find a way to get it outside? Easy one. Find a way to get it outside. 

Make a bug crawl into this empty toilet paper tube and then run over to the window to dump it out. 

Gently swoosh my fly swatter at the flies and try to get them to fly out the door.

Let these mental pictures sink in. They actually have happened. Oh and yes, I am 37 though when there is a bug in the room I've been known to act five. No wait, scratch that. Our daughter is almost five and she probably would handle bugs better than me.

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