What Does A Christian Look Like?

Today I was watching an acoustic performance on K-Love. I was so impressed by the talent I was watching and how they were using their God-given talents to bless others. Then, I read comments.

I don't find it very authentic when Christians wear worldly trappings. You don't need the eye liner and dreads guys. Just be real with it. I tend not to believe that you've been transformed when you look like the rest of the world. Only God knows your hearts, but that is what crosses my mind.
Amen. God knows the heart but the world should be looking to us instead of us mimicking them. There is a separation that should happen when Christ comes in. I cant say these aren't good Christian guys. They just don't look like it. Kids aren't taught about separation anymore by the elders. Not much importance put on living right. Any who do seem to have such a attitude it ruins it. my 2cents worth. Dint cost ya anything.
These comments got me to thinking. What exactly does a Christian look like? I wonder if there is a certain way everyone could dress so that no one would complain they are wearing worldly trappings. My instinct tells me no. Even if there was we are all individuals. God has given us uniqueness. What we wear and how we do our hair is not what saves us. Jesus is. Also, we are not supposed to judge each other lest we be judged. Right?

The way we dress, what music we listen to, whether we watch R rated movies or not...they are all very subjective. I'm not saying any of it is wrong but there have been times where I felt God tugging at my heart to change something about myself. Sometimes it has been a tv show I watched. I would not go so far as to say anyone else is sinning by watching that show or being un-Christian like but for me, it was not okay. I say it's the same with how we dress and present ourselves. God DOES know what's in our hearts and He is the only one who can tell us whether we are honoring Him with our lives.

Just my two cents.

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