Abby's Birthday

Abby's day started off with a surprise Hello Kitty balloon waiting for her in the living room. She loves balloons and begs me for one every time we are at the store. After her balloon, she had breakfast. What is better than pancakes for breakfast? I'll tell you...

Yes, that is a blueberry FIVE pancake! Special stuff, my friends. She absolutely loved it. When breakfast was over she had a hide and seek game to find her birthday presents. This was my hubby's idea and it was genius!

One of her presents was a new set of Melissa & Doug watercolors. She had a blast painting with them!

Now, it so happens that on her birthday was the MOPS International Playdate. Our playdate was at the library which is one of Abby's favorite places ever. There were practically a billion people there so I don't have a photo. Oh wait, yes I do! Here is a photo of story time. Haha. You know me.

When we left the library we went to Mickey D's for lunch and more playtime. Then, she opened up some presents from Memere & Pepere, and Grandma Betty!

She chilled out for awhile and watched Horton Hears a Who next. Then, after Daddy got off work we went to dinner. She picked the place and her decision was Olive Garden. This girl loves her Spaghetti & Meatballs! Don't believe me?

And, here is a cute photo with her Daddy.

If I want a picture with her lately, this is what I get.

Eh, close enough. lol It's a memory anyway. Her birthday was wonderful. She kept saying "I can't believe I'm FIVE!" all day long. All I could think was "Me either kiddo, me either." Oh and watch this cuteness!


Becky Dougherty said...

That 5 year old interview is definitely adorable! :)

carpediem5790 said...

Happy Birthday Abby!! What a great day and what a great mom you have.

Richelle Leffler said...

oh soo cute happy late b-day looks like she had the best birthday loads of fun and love :) kids are too cute and i bet she feels special and had fun