First day of kindergarten

Somehow the first, and second, day of school has come and gone. I don't know why I bothered setting the alarm. She was awake bright and early at 6:30 am sounding a lot like Nemo "It's my first day of school! It's my first day of school!" while she jumped up and down in the hallway. 

She is too cute. She more than happily complied with my photo requests. We drove over to the school and she hopped out of the car. I asked for another photo. "Sure!"

Then, she leaned over and picked a flower. She handed it to me and told me she loved me.

She sure knows the way to make me cry. How precious. My first day without her, for 7 whole hours, was odd. I felt so lost. I watched a grown up movie and chilled out. When time came to get her from school I rejoiced inwardly. This is the big girl I found waiting for me.

Her handmade crown says "My first day was a piece of cake!" She thought that was so funny and had nothing but good things to tell me about her first day. She was so proud that she didn't even get in the time out chair "three times" to which I had to clarify she had not been in trouble even once. 

I was not the only one who missed her. Oh and this was one of her first pieces of art!

She made me giggle when I asked her what it was. It was supposed to be her favorite animal which was, on this day, a zebra. But, it was too hard so she made a jellyfish which was eating her name and was almost done. She's a silly goose and I love her to bits.

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Becky Dougherty said...

Yay! I'm glad she had a great first day! :)