Pre-K or Kindergarten? The Big Decision.

If you remember, I mentioned the infamous meeting with the Kindergarten teachers awhile back. They suggested we pull Abby from Kindergarten and put her into Pre-K. The reasons included maturity and not being prepared for the volume of writing work. It was heartbreaking to hear and immediately my mind went to questioning myself and what I did wrong. I think it's a common feeling for someone in this situation. The truth is that Abby is only just barely five and has had no experience in a real school setting.

Well, after much prayer and thought, we did decide to pull Abby out of Kindergarten. As always we wonder "Are we doing the right thing?" but it's the best decision we know to make right now. We are putting her in a local Pre-K program on M-W-F mornings. So, hopefully next fall she will be in a better place for Kindergarten. Now, I wonder...what do I do with all the cute "first day of Kindergarten" photos I took?!

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