Mommy Monday: Trust Your Instincts

As a mom we want to be everything for our kids. We want to make no mistakes. We want to be strong. The problem? We aren't perfect. So, the only thing we can do is to do the best we can. I pray through my decisions and ask God to take care of her. To be the perfect one in her life.

Recently, we have had to contemplate a big decision. I had a meeting with both of the Kindergarten teachers on Friday and after telling me why, they suggested we pull her from K and put her in a half day Pre-school program. Their concerns were not based on intelligence but rather on maturity. It was a sort of punch to the heart and I admit I was that parent who cried in their child's classroom. The thing that bothers me most? This was my gut feeling before she started school and I ignored it because I was told she is so smart by everyone and that she'd be fine.

Trust your instincts. 

Don't think someone else knows your child better than you do. It's not true. When you get a feeling about something, don't just dismiss it. Now, like I said, we haven't made a decision yet. I'm not going to be flippant about this. It will be a tough decision either way. I just wish I had listened to myself before. We wouldn't be in this situation now if I did.

Check out my post about our decision HERE.

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Unknown said...

Listening to your gut is so important! I, like you, often tend to ignore it, especially if someone is telling me otherwise. Thanks for the reminder to trust my instinct!

Stopping by from the Mommy Monday Hop!

Rachel said...

Oh boy that does sound like a hard decision. Good luck and I know you'll make the best one for your family!

Becky said...

Good for you for doing what was right for your child and her future. I can imagine how hard that must have been, but I assure you that you will not regret it. I taught Kindergarten for two years and, each year, I requested that several kids complete another year of kindergarten. It truly had NOTHING to do with intelligence (they were all smart kids). Like you said, it was always a maturity issue where the kids just weren't ready to learn the information that was expected of them. After two years of kindergarten, they were all where they were expected to be. Making her go ahead before she is ready would have been selfish. You should be so proud of your decision, Momma!

Thanks so much for sharing your story.
Becky @