The Big Comparison

Why is it that we, as moms, compare ourselves to others so frequently? It's easy to do because we know we're not perfect. We see other moms on their best days and compare it to our worst days. We start to put other moms on a pedestal. We are the harshest judges of ourselves. It makes me wonder - why can't we forgive ourselves for our mistakes like we forgive others?

We need to learn that we are doing the best we can. We need to learn pray for our kids and ourselves. We need to learn that so many things we beat ourselves up over have no long term value. Seriously when your child is 21 they will not be scarred over you forgetting, or choosing not, to brush their teeth one night. They will not be scarred if you have a bad day and lose your cool. It is not the end of the world if your house is not perfect or if toys are strewn all over the house. And for goodness sake children have meltdowns in the grocery store all the time.

Those perfect moms with perfectly behaved children are not real. They are doing their best just like you are. You likely caught them at one of their really good moments. Keep in mind that there are times other mom's likely look at you and say "Why can't I do this mommy thing as well as her?"

Keep your chin up and know that you were given your children for a reason. You are the best mom they could have. Know you're not alone. Trust that God has your back and let Him take control.

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