5 Reasons I Love My 5 Year Old

1. I recently started playing mostly Air1 and KLove on the car radio. She has picked up on this apparently. One day she started singing "Positive, encouraging - Klove!!" and she hasn't stopped. She sings it everywhere including in the mall.

2. Each day we have to pass two cemetaries. She always wants me to read names from the stones. She talks about how sad the families must be and how she misses Grandpa.

3. She has picked up my habit of changing words to songs to be silly. For the song, "A Bushel and a Peck" she frequently says "a barrel and a sheep" instead of a barrel and a heap, just to be funny.

4. She loves Daddy's made up stories and has started to do the same thing sometimes. I need to record her doing this because it is precious.

5. At various points during the day, and for no reason at all, she will come up and give me kisses. She tells me she loves me and that I am the best cook ever. lol

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Julie said...

This is a very cute list and I LOVE THOSE GLASSES! It's a straw, right?! Thanks for sharing with Time For Mom on Tuesday! Hope you join us again tomorrow!