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Be Koool Review

BeKOOOL Itch Relief Patches are fast-acting, medicated patches that help relieve pain and itching from pesky bug bites and other skin irritations. These little miracle patches have been life savers for us. My 3 year old, Amaya, swells up terribly over insect bites and itches them until they bleed. I've done creams and gels and find them to either not work at all, or worse, cause her more pain from the harsh ingredients.

I've been able to really put BeKOOOL Itch Relief Patches to the test on myself, my daughter, and my daughter's friend. As soon as my daughter knew I had these in the house, she suddenly became "itchy" all over. I, of course, did not cover her in patches but explained to her that these would help if she got a naughty mosquito bite. Low and behold, after a busy afternoon playing with the neighbor girl outside, they both came in with mosquito bites.

Knowing that I had these awesome miracle workers in the bathroom cabinet, my daughter grabbed the box, brought it over to me, and we got to work. I carefully peeled off the circular patch from its plastic backing and placed on each one's bite. Instant gratification and relief! Goodbye messy itch creams and gels! These patches effectively covered the mosquito bites and neither girl itched once. They are great in the fact that they are nearly invisible once placed on the skin. I love that each patch offers the bite protection from scratching and bleeding. Plus, they are totally noninvasive. I can put these on my kids and they forget they are even there!


I even used a BeKOOOL Itch Relief Patch on a bee sting I received on my finger. It's been YEARS since I've gotten stung by a bee and there was one stuck to the handle of my cloth grocery bag. When I grabbed the handle, I felt a pain in my finger and sure enough, there was a bee sting on my finger. I knew right away that I could use a BeKOOOL Itch Relief Patch to assist in the pain associated with bee stings. It worked like a charm! And even though the sting was on an awkward part of my finger, the patch stayed in place and held up well. It's generous size relieved the pain from all around the site of the sting, not just the wound. I was amazed!
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