Friday's Letters

Dear Wyoming, It is October 4th not December 4th. Why all the snow? I love snow, I do but I miss Fall. Abby is quite thrilled however. Dear Fall Season of TV Shows I Love, Please don't suck. Dear Internet, It is completely awesome to be able to just turn on my laptop and browse the web. Thank you for being you. Dear Abby, you are precious. I love all the cuddles. I love all the artwork you bring home from Pre-K. I love you. Dear Tom, my heart aches knowing I have to wait so long to see you. This long distance stuff is for the birds. xxoo. Dear Now You See Me, I know you are a movie but I think you are the best I have seen in a while. Dear Readers, thanks for tuning in. You are the bomb! I appreciate you all.


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Becky said...

I love this idea and I totally agree with you on the internet thing. I sometimes wonder what I did before we had the internet. Sadly, I was probably more productive back then. Oh well. :)

Hope you guys enjoy skiing or some other winter outdoor sport since it looks like it will be a long winter!

Becky @