Friday's Letters

Dear Wyoming, do we have to have this talk again? It is October! NOT winter. This snow is a bit chilly for Fall, don't ya think? That being said, it's beautiful. Dear Stove, it would be nice if you would work consistently. Dear Friends, thank you for being so supportive and awesome. I pray I can be the same to you. Dear Abby, I think you are hilarious. You think so too and that is okay by me. Dear Hubby, I want a hug. Now. Ok, I will wait until later tonight. If I have to. Dear Starbucks, how about a nice Salted Caramel Mocha sale just for me, and a million of my friends? I love those drinks but my wallet does not. Dear Voice, (and by voice I mean my voice) Please come back in tip top shape. I don't like you fading in and out.


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