I Need Coffee

This morning I've gotten a lot accomplished. I woke up. Got myself and the munchkin dressed. Fixed her breakfast. Got her to school. Did some blog related stuff. Balanced check book. Listened to The Civil Wars newest album (I die. Love it!). Oh yeah.

Wait, that doesn't sound nearly as accomplished as it feels! Heck, I haven't even had breakfast yet and let's not look at the laundry or dishes. Guess I better brew me a pot of coffee (decaf - so what does that help?) and get moving! But, before I go I want to share this because it made me giggle. Don't tell me you've never done this! ;)


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Jessy Bradford said...

I need coffee too, but I am lazy and don't want to walk and get any or make some just for myself. I may have to give in tho... this tiredness is going to take over me. lol