The Croods Indoor Adventure Party!

Remember the post where I talked about the party planning I was doing for my Fox Home Ent Insiders The Croods Indoor Adventure party? Finally, the day of the party was upon us. My friend Heather and I decorated her house for the event. 

The cake was baked and decorated. Let's not talk about the horrible issue I had with the cake the night before. Oh well if you insist. I decided to make a zebra patterned cake to go along with the theme of the party. Well, it was looking great but I have one word of advice. When baking a cake at night do not sit down after putting it in the oven, otherwise you might fall asleep and wake up to both cakes burnt to a crisp. Ahem. Yes, I did that. The next morning I got more supplies and made two new cakes.

Wouldn't you say it was well worth the effort? I'll show you the inside of the cake later. ;)

The prize packs were out. Have I mentioned what was inside these awesome prize packs? Fox Home Ent Insiders sent these adorable bags with the following items inside; soft blanket, paint set, cup and popcorn, Belt plush toy, activity sheets, and a puzzle. 

When the kids arrived they were raring to go! Due to growling tummies we had some yummy pizza and juice boxes. A big hit!

Once our bellies were full we settled down to watch The Croods on Blu-ray. 

After awhile we made popcorn to put in the cute Croods cups and we handed out these cuddly plush "The Croods" blankets. Comfort at it's best! 

After the movie ended it was time to do some fun activity sheets!



And, it was time for a big old piece of zebra cake! See, isn't that cute?

We had a super fun time at our Indoor Adventure Party featuring The Croods thanks to Fox Home Ent Insiders! Why don't you plan your own Indoor Adventure party too? I would love to see photos!


reesa said...

I was waiting for your post to see how the party was! How fun for the kids! Love the cake too!

Taty said...

Awesome party! So many fabulous details
Great times for the kids!!!
Impressed by the cake

Unknown said...

Great idea for a party!!

Parenting Patch said...

Cute party theme. Those animal balloons are too cute!