Halloween 2013

You may think I'm a bit behind but I wanted to add in the pictures from our Halloween party last night.
We carved pumpkins with Aunt Laura and had lots of fun with that. It was funny to see Abby's face when she touched the slimy pumpkin guts.

We decorated cookies with some gals from MOPS. 
That was fun AND delicious!

Some of the kiddos ate more frosting than others.

Trick or treating time! 
(Side note: It was freezing and windy! We didn't stay out long.)

Look at the amount of candy she got!!

She didn't even ask to eat candy when we got home and fell asleep in minutes!

The next night we went to a Halloween party at our friend's house.

It was fun, oh yes, lots of yummy food too and for the adults there were Apple Margaritas!


Julie said...

Its never too late to share photos, we get so busy with the clean up and getting our routines back to normal. Great Photos, looks like you all had fun!

Julie said...

It definitely was busy around here and lots of fun! Thank you. :)