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isABelt, Ltd. introduces the isABelt ORIGINAL the newest version of the ½” fully adjustable, patented invisible belt, which virtually disappears when worn. 

The isABelt ORIGINAL durable and flat, super strong magnetic clasp and is one-size.  No more bumps or bulges through clothing.  isABelt also eliminates bag-gap and plumber crack.  The fact that it's clear makes it go completely unnoticed!  

Originally launched in early 2007, the isABelt ORIGINAL previously sold in sizes has sold more than 1 million pieces.  The new styling and magnetic clasp hope to build on the iconic patented design and deliver a longer lasting product life and take away the need to choose a size.  

The isABelt is available in either a clear or black material that is virtually invisible once worn, and since there are no bulky buckles to accommodate there are no bumps, bulges, or unsightly belt lines to worry about.

isABelt Ltd was founded by three sisters and fellow fashionistas all suffering from the same wardrobe malfunction. After lamenting the troublesome gapping and slippage of their chic new low rise jeans they decided to get savvy and create the solution to all women's wardrobe woes.

I love that this belt is the perfect solution for slacks.  Not only is it invisible and doesn't result in any bulging.  But the same belt can not only be worn by me but my 8 year old daughter as well.  And let's face it - in a pinch by my son.  I can't tell you how many times I have been out in public and we have to stop every two seconds because one of them has their pants falling down.  They hate belts.  This is tiny enough I can throw in my purse and keep for an emergency.  How perfect is that?!

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