What are we celebrating, you ask? Oh, nothing major. Just the fact that I can wear nail polish again!! That's right my fingers are done with the hand, foot, and mouth fiasco. Though in other news I recently had a toe nail pop off. That's right, just pop off with a perfectly new nail underneath. Wacky. But, back to the matter at HAND.

As a way to ease back into the nail fashion world (Is that real?) I want to share some of my favorite nail pins with you. They are all from my Nail Polish Love Board on Pinterest. I like them all for different reasons and cannot wait to try one of them!

Best Matte Nail Polishes

Essie Lots of Lux nail polish

purple nail polish

Rainbow Chevron nails. Adorable.


Cute simple pink nails #nailart #beauty


Julie said...

Omg, I love that candy cane one! I wish I could do that. I opted for the white with red glitter and called it candy cane :)

Julie said...

LOVE these!! :) The first and third ones are my favorites on your list!! :)