Happy Anniversary!

Today marks an important day in our lives. 17 years ago we said I do. Yes, 17 but we were married when I was 9. Ahem. Moving along. It doesn't even feel like ten never mind seventeen! Time flies when you're having fun. I could list all the qualities I love about my guy but I've done that before. Instead I will share some photos with you and share five qualities of our marriage that has helped us get to where we are. Happy Anniversary to you my sweetie! 
December 1996

Dec 2006

October 2013

1. Have fun together. Laugh frequently.

2. Keep (or put) God first in your lives.

3. Give each other space to breathe.

4. Cuddle. Be touchy.

5. Listen to each other.


Julie said...

Happy Anniversary! :)

Julie said...

Thanks Becky! :)

Becky Dougherty said...

Happy Anniversary! I think it's beautiful that you are still so in love! That's exactly what marriage is supposed to be like! :)