Sleepless Nights

I still struggle with anxiety sometimes but not nearly as often. It happens when I am eating too much sweets, not getting enough sleep, not spending time with God, or (surprise, surprise) trying to suppress my emotions. Taking a few deep breaths helps me as does saying a prayer. It seems a lot of my anxiety hits at night. I know I am not alone in this so I thought I'd share this prayer I found on Pinterest. 

May it bring you comfort as it does me.
A Prayer for When I Can't Sleep- this week's Whimsical Wednesday post. Bloggers- love to have you link up!


Julie said...

I love that. I struggle with sleeping sometimes and it seems to be for the same reasons you do. It's amazing what praying about something can do for your.

Julie said...

That is a beautiful prayer. Thank you for sharing. My trouble is not necessarily anxiety, but I sometimes have trouble just putting aside the to-do list in my head. This will certainly help with that, too!