Earring Excitement!

On December 26, 2013 our sweet girl decided, with no coercion from me, that she wanted to get her ears pierced. Okay, so her 19 year old cousin Haylee may have had something to do with it but she had tried to convince her in the past and it never worked. So, I'm thinking she was just ready. In any case we all went down to the mall to visit Claire's. 

Here is our big girl ready to get her ears pierced. 


She really liked the bear they had for her to hold. 

Thankfully there were two gals who could do her ears. I really, really, really didn't want her to end up with only one ear pierced due to her chickening out after the first side. 

It's a bit blurry but here is the first photo with her new earrings!

Doesn't she look happy? She was. This girl didn't even cry. Not one tear. When exactly did she get so grown up? Last year at Christmas she said she would "never ever ever get her ears pierced because it hurts" and after she got them pierced she said "it didn't even hurt a bit. Just a second!" I'm so proud of her.

And, now that she is letting me clean her ears, (but not turn them, cause that's her job) thanks to a talk from Haylee, things are going a lot better!

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