If You Really Knew Me

I saw this on one of my favorite blogs Michelle's Desk sometime a couple years ago and borrowed it then. So when I saw it again yesterday I decided I wanted to do it again! I've tagged some past posts in almost each one so you can look back with me. 
If you really knew me... 
-you'd know there are some foods I cannot stand the texture of like Tapioca. Certain textures make me gag.
-you'd know I love stationary and writing letters "old school".
-you'd know I love to sing and write song lyrics. I have a billion folders and notebooks of songs I wrote when I was younger.
-you'd know crafting is something I enjoy even though I have to fight to let go of my perfectionist tendencies while doing so.
-you'd know I've been married for 17 years and think my husband is awesome.
-you'd know watching reality shows does not interest me with the exception of almost any cooking competition show and a few others. Love me some Top Chef.
-you'd know I won a trip from Fox Broadcasting to NYC in 2012 and am regularly touted by my friends and family as the luckiest person. I win things. Lots of them. 
-you'd know I have PCOS and struggled with infertility for years before conceiving our little girl with help from a specialist. 

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