The Post Where I Do Not Tell You My Age

The other night while at a birthday party I was involved in a conversation with some gals from our local MOPS group. I know them but we don't know the intricate details of each other's lives like, you know, age. It was common to hear early to mid twenties with slight complaints on their end at which point I think I chortled. 

I am not in my early twenties. I am not in my twenties. Heck, I am not even in my early thirties. If you know me well you know that my age is a tiny bit of a sore topic for me mostly due to the fact that I want more kids. I won't tell you my age right now but if you want to do a bit of math you will know that the hubby and I got married at 20 and have been married for 17 years. Oh, and my birthday is in about two weeks. Ouch.
So, when the conversation turned to me I just made a face. "What?" they asked. "You can't be over 28." Pause. "Well, you are definitely not over 30." Pause. "Really?!" I replied that they are my favorite people ever and gave them my real age. They did not believe me and I almost felt compelled to pull out my license. 
The moral to this story? They are awesome. Oh, and be nice to your elders. 

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Becky Dougherty said...

It is always nice when people think you are younger than you are. The only time that's not nice is when you're 21. Or 5. lol