5 Things I've Learned Since Moving to Wyoming

Just a warning, this post isn't a history lesson. Instead it's more of a insiders guide to what it's like to live in Wyoming after living in a very populated city in Arizona. I don't claim to be funny, but life is.

1. This whole time change thing is a pain. Why does it exist again? It makes Abby want to go to bed late and wake up early. Boo. And, then there is trying to explain to a five year old why we do this twice a year. 

2. A "long drive" is subjective. I can drive across town in about 15-20 minutes here. When we lived in Queen Creek, Arizona we tended to drive 45 minutes to get anywhere. I'll take this, thanks. 

3. The wind is fierce. It can be a warm day (and by warm I mean 55) but if it is windy then it feels like it should be snowing. The wind here can toss things around easily.

4. It can snow one day and be warm the next. It's very fickle. Also, it can be Spring (like April) and there is a definite chance of snow. I love the fact that I can go to sleep and not know if there will be white stuff on the ground in the morning. Well, unless I have to drive a lot that day.

5. It's a slower moving state in general. The speed limits in Arizona tended to be 45 mph and here it seems that most of them are 35 or 40. It takes a lot to get used to and I'm not even a speed demon. 

I have to say that, even though I have lots of people in Arizona that I love very much, I really love living here.

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