Walking With Dinosaurs on M-Go!

As a member of Fox Home Entertainment Insiders there are definite perks. Case in point, getting a digital code for Walking With Dinosaurs The Movie on M-Go before it has even been released on DVD! By the way, March 25th is the official release date.

Have you heard of M-Go yet? It’s a new platform to watch films digitally, bringing you the very latest movie and TV releases to rent or own on demand with instant, high-quality video streaming across your favorite screens. I love the fact that you can usually watch a movie earlier in digital format and that it is very portable! My husband can bring a whole library of movies with him on his tablet.
Now, about Walking with Dinosaurs; dinosaurs have always fascinated the imagination of kids and my daughter is no different. The cool thing about this movie is that you learn while you are being entertained. Take a look at this clip to see for yourself.

Cute right? I love how it looks so real yet has the fun and whimsy of an animated feature.

Did you know? 

1. A stegosaurus was twice as heavy as a car, but had a brain only as big as a kitten? 

2. Dinosaurs were not alone! Alphadons were small mammals, similar to possums, that roamed the earth with dinos! 

3. Some believe that the Tyrannosaurus rex might have had feathers! 

4. Pachyrhinosaurus (the kind of dinosaur Patchi was) means “thick nose reptile”, probably named for the pad of bone it had on its face, instead of horns or a brow! 

5. Carnivores are believed to have lived to be about 30 years old, while herbivores lived even longer than that! 


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